New and Improved

Welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED blog! While I loved my old blog, Topknots and Toddlers, I felt in my heart that I could create a space that was more my style; more timeless, classic as well as more interactive and user friendly.

Some people have asked why I chose to “rebrand” and start a new blog with a new name. First I’ll start with the name – while I seriously LOVED the name Topknots and Toddlers, I decided to change to my name for a few reasons.

The first reason is that while I love my long hair, I didn’t want to lock myself into a name of a blog running the risk that someday I MIGHT cut my hair off and not be able to rock a topknot. Secondly, while this time is my life is busier than ever and my toddlers keep me on my toes; sadly, they will not be toddlers forever. Some days I can’t wait until they grow up but other days I want them to stay innocent, hilarious little babes forever.

So, instead of keeping the name of Topknots and Toddlers for my new blog, I decided to rebrand and name my blog/brand Kayla Josefiak, Farm Wife + Mom Life. I won’t always have topknots and toddlers, but I will always be Kayla Josefiak. (Plus my last name is a good way to start a conversation because people are always interested in the origin and pronunciation of it!).

Secondly, I’ve been working incredibly hard to authentically grow my social media following as well as find and work with product brands I love. My goal is to share my favorite brands with you, share my story of Farm Wife + Mom Life, and, as always, be open and painfully honest about my own mental health journey. I have a lot of BIG dreams, and I feel like a new website is the first step in the right direction.

Here are a few explanations of the new website set up. The homepage will still hold pictures that are incredibly important to be, BUT a new addition is the email sign up at the bottom of the home page! I would ABSOLUTELY love if you would sign up to receive email notifications when I post a new blog! (I also have an About Me page, but it’s identical to my old one).

I decided to separate the Farm Wife + Mom Life portion of my blog from my Mental Health Journey. Both topics are incredibly near and dear to my heart, but I decided to make my day-to-day posts a part of FW + ML blog, and my mental health stories a page all their own. Someday, I hope to make those mental health stories into something more than a blog. More of that to come in the future.

Some new features THAT I LOVE on my new site are my Recipe Box and My Discount Codes. I decided instead of making blog posts about my recipes, I made them (and will continue to format future recipes) into recipe cards that you can screenshot and reference on your phone or tablet, while you’re cooking! In addition to the recipe cards, I now have a whole page devoted to my discount codes that I want to share with ALL OF YOU! Each code is linked to the respective website where I have a code. Click on the code to access each website and shop to your heart’s desire. There will be even MORE codes coming soon; I just need to do some research and make sure I’m sharing products I love. (There are also story highlights on my Instagram where you can locate my favorite products and discount codes).

Two more features are my Contact page and Archives page. The contact form is multi-use. I love to hear from all of my readers! If you’re a brand interested in collaborating, please feel free to fill out the contact form – I would LOVE to hear from you as well.

As always, please follow me on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) and if you would, subscribe to my email list! I promise it won’t be spammy. Thank you again, so much, for being here and checking out the new site! It has been an absolute labor of love and I’m so proud of how it turned out.

Happy Monday and God Bless!

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