Road Trip to South Dakota

Sometimes you just need a ride in the tractor with your guy and a good cry. Let me elaborate why I needed a good cry on Ty’s shoulder…⬇️

I had just gotten back from South Dakota where I visited my grandparents – my dad’s folks – and I needed some time to decompress, so I went to ride the tractor with Ty Sunday on Mother’s Day while he was planting corn. It’s always hard leaving those you love, but it’s even harder when you’re hugging your elderly grandparents goodbye and I just needed Ty to help me process the emotions.

Lately God had been pulling on my heart and telling me I needed to get my butt to South Dakota to see me grandparents. So that’s what I did. I loaded up the babies and my amazing mom-in-law and we made the trip north. 12+ hours in the car with three littles? Yep it’s a lot, but the whole experience was worth it.

Let’s just say I’m very glad that they make individually wrapped snacks and that movies in the car is a thing. The kids actually traveled really well – I was apprehensive but I knew the Good Lord would provide…and He did. None of the kids fussed or cried for more than 5 minutes the whole trip.

My grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s almost 2 years ago, the day after I delivered Baker. This visit was the first time I’d seen him since the diagnosis. It was very hard, but…it was so good to hear his voice and see his blue eyes. He had a lot to say when I went to the nursing home with my grandma. We all three were laughing pretty good when he was telling a few stories. I’m not sure he knew who I was, but I know he enjoyed having me there. At one point he looked at me and said, “I think I’ll keep you around.”

It was also so, so good to see my grandma. She is an amazing cook and even better human being. We enjoyed lunch with her the few days we were up there and she even made us homemade caramel rolls to bring home. I’m pretty sure I inherited part of my love of cooking from her. She makes the best homemade bread I have ever eaten. I’ve tried to recreate it, but it’s just not quite the same.

I never realized until we took some pictures how much my grandma and I look alike. I take that as a huge compliment – she is one of the strongest and most resilient women I know. It’s not easy living in the country, raising 6 kids and being 30 miles from town, but she did it and she did it very well. She and my grandpa both moved to town a couple years ago – I’m grateful for that because my grandpa is in the nursing home, getting the care he needs, and my grandma doesn’t have to worry about the roads; she can get to church when she needs to, and she gets to see my grandpa.

I’m here to tell you — if you’ve been wanting to make the trip, and visit someone important — go for it. It might be hard. It might stress you out for a while, and you might have to have a good cry when you get home…but I promise you, you won’t regret making the trip.

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