Our Breckenridge Vacation

I’ve always heard that vacation with little kids really isn’t a vacation at all. Normally you’re just watching your kids in a different location in a different house with a different atmosphere. I am here to say, that’s all crap; or at least it was when we went to Colorado! We had an ABSOLUTE blast!Continue reading “Our Breckenridge Vacation”

Growing Up at the Moser Ranch

I truly believe we are a product of our environment, and I do pride myself on knowing how to work hard and power through, even when times are tough. I grew up on a cattle ranch in northeast Kansas. People have asked me in the past what’s so different about being a farm wife vs.Continue reading “Growing Up at the Moser Ranch”

Wheat Harvest Time

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s almost that time of year where we will be spending the majority of our days at my in-law’s house; cooking harvest meals, being on-call to help move equipment and hanging out with family, making memories. Before I moved to western Kansas, I had NO idea how labor-intenseContinue reading “Wheat Harvest Time”

New and Improved

Welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED blog! While I loved my old blog, Topknots and Toddlers, I felt in my heart that I could create a space that was more my style; more timeless, classic as well as more interactive and user friendly. Some people have asked why I chose to “rebrand” and start aContinue reading “New and Improved”