Your Journey to Fortitude: A 90-Day Virtual Retreat

Are you ready to invest in you? Do you feel like you are stuck right now and need an opportunity to do something for you, all while learning and growing with a group of like-minded women?

After months of being “too scared” to take a risk like this and by the grace of God, I have finally decided to pour my heart and soul into Your Journey to Fortitude: A virtual retreat that will help you grow as women of God in mental, spiritual & physical strength.

I invite you to pray about this opportunity and should you feel called, I would love to have join you my community on this virtual retreat where we will focus on a weekly Bible study, simple daily habits, mindful JOYFUL movement, and sisterhood.

Spaces are limited to keep the retreat experience intimate.

Lord I ask that you guide the woman reading this. Should it be in her heart to dig deeper into her faith, learn about strong women in the Bible all while strengthening her own body and mind; please direct her heart and mind. Help her to see the best decision for her and her family. Help her to seek You. To know You. And should she decide to take part in this retreat, I pray that she will grow closer to You, and glorify her life for You.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

xoxo, Kayla